Public conversation: Irit Rogoff and Branislav Dimitrijević at the Curatorial workshop


Irit Rogoff is a theorist, curator and organizer who writes at the intersections of the critical, the political and contemporary arts practices. Rogoff is Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths College London University, a department she founded in 2002. Her work across a series of new 'think tank' PH.D programs at Goldsmiths (Research Architecture, Curatorial/Knowledge) is focusing on the possibility of locating, moving and exchanging knowledges across professional practices, self generated forums, academic institutions and individual enthusiasms. Publications include; "Museum Culture" (1997) "Terra Infirma - Geography's Visual Culture" (2001) , "A.C.A.D.E.M.Y" (2006) "Unbounded - Limits Possibilities" (2008) and forthcoming "Looking Away - Participating Singularities, Ontological Communities" (2009). Curatorial work includes; De-Regulation with the work of Kutlug Ataman (2005-8) ACADEMY (2006), "Summit - Non Aligned Initiatives in education Culture" (2007).

Branislav Dimitrijević (Belgrade) is lecturer in history and theory of art, writer and curator. He is Senior Lecturer at the School for Art and Design (VSLPUb) in Belgrade and collaborates with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. With Branislava Andjelković and Branimir Stojanović he co-founded and coordinated “School for History and Theory of Images”, an independent educational project in Belgrade (1999-2003). He has been publishing essays on contemporary art and theory of art, film and visual culture, and he edited a series of publications and exhibition catalogues including On Normality: Art in Serbia 1989-2001 (MOCAB, 2005). His curatorial projects include: Murder1 (CKZD, Belgrade 1997), Konverzacija (MOCAB, 2001), Situated Self: Confused Compassionate, Conflictual (Helsinki City Museum; MOCAB, 2005), Breaking Step – Displacement, Compassion and Humour in recent art from Britain (MOCAB, 2007), FAQ Serbia (ACF, New York, 2010). He was curator of the Yugoslav/Serbian pavilion at the Venice Biennial in 2003 and 2009. He holds an MA in History and Theory of Art from the University of Kent (England) and he is currently working on a PhD thesis on “Consumer Culture in Socialist Yugoslavia” at the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Irit Rogoff and Branislav Dimitrijević

Workshop: Towards Curating as a Critical Practice
Public conversation: Irit Rogoff (London) and Branislav Dimitrijević (Belgrade)

A curatorial workshop is held within framework of marking 10 years of Mangelos Award for young visual artists from Serbia
Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad
27th April, 2011